The Oklahoma City University Law School’s 2nd Annual Criminal Justice Reform Seminar was held on January 22, 2021. The seminar focused on how exorbitant fines and costs assessments, particularly in the sentencing of misdemeanor defendants, keeps individuals trapped in the criminal justice system and creates a downward spiral of collateral consequences. Focus was also made on the reform needed to change the impact of assessing fines and costs in sentencing, particularly misdemeanor sentencings.

Our 2021 Speakers
Stephen Butler
Assistant Dean of Advancement and External Relations at OCU School of Law
Loretta Radford Profile
Criminal Justice Center Legal Director
Jim Roth
Dean at Oklahoma City University School of Law
Regina Goodwin
Oklahoma House District 73 Representative
Tricia Everest
Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority Chair
Julie Daniels
Oklahoma District 29 Senator
Steve Lewis
Lawyer and Lobbyist to the Oklahoma Legislator
Cindy Truong
Oklahoma District 7 Judge
Ryan Gentzler
Research Director at the Oklahoma Policy Institute
Jari Askins
Oklahoma Supreme Court Administrative Director of the Courts
Meagan Taylor
Director of Programs at Diversion Hub
Chris Kannady
Senior Counsel at The Federal Group in Washington, D.C
Timothy Tardibono
Executive Director at the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Advisory Council
Kelly Doyle
Board Member at Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board
Donald Easter
Oklahoma County Retired Judge
Damion Shade
Oklahoma Policy Institute Criminal Justice Policy Analyst
Stephen Galoob
Professor of Law, University of Tulsa
Bob Ravitz
Oklahoma County Chief Public Defender
2022 Conference Newsletter
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